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Puget Sound Transportation Projects

After many years of neglect the Puget Sound area is finally making some progress in building a decent, reliable, integrated regional and local transportation systems. While the area has long had bus systems in most major cities, and in the early years did have some interurban lines, there never has been much more than that regionally. Current projects add local light rail and commuter rail to the area, and if the systems are fully realized they should make a major impact on the region's traffic, that worsens daily.

On the other hand, a couple areas in the Northwest have had running light rail and other transit systems for years. In fact, these systems have been so successful that they have been expanded several times, and plans are in the works to expand them yet again.

This site will attempt to provide at least an overview of some of the major projects taking place in the Puget Sound area, as well as coverage of completed projects and projects currently under construction. Please feel free to email me at transit@pugetsoundtransportation.com with any comments or questions. I will attempt to answer any questions or requests that come my way.