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Puget Sound Transportation Projects - Site Purpose

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I originally created this site to document the construction of the Tacoma Link light rail line in Tacoma, Washington. I had grown up in Tacoma and at the time, there were few details on it. I felt it was important to document and promote the first light rail line in Washington. Then I decided to expand the site to cover other local projects.

I have always been interested in transportation issues and in fact started out as a civil engineer. I also believe deeply in providing information to people, and while the official sites provide great information, I am able to provide a different viewpoint and other details they may not have the time or desire to cover.

I also feel, by building my site, adding my photos, and writing, that I am creating a historical document to go along with and enhance the official record. Therefore, I am adding to the available pool of source material for some future historian.

What it really comes down to is this: I was talking with some of my friends and coworkers one day, people who are new to the state or who haven't been out much, and was amazed to find out that they didn't know anything about the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, or that the longest floating bridge in the world is in Seattle, or about the unique structures in both the Vancouver, BC and Portland, Oregon light rail systems. To say nothing of all the new projects currently under construction or being planned.

So why then do I do this? I have the hosting space. I have the skills: in Website design, in photography, in research, in writing. I have the desire. And I am in the right location. And if it helps people understand the history of the projects, maybe inspire them to use or support the projects - current and future, if it provides a source of information for future generations then I have accomplished my task.

There will always be more to come: more documentation of current projects, coverage of upcoming and future projects. Offshoots of the main site (for example, a page on those famous floating bridges). Keep checking back for more.

Please feel free to send me any comments about the site or it's contents.