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Puget Sound Transportation Projects

South 25th Street Station

Station Art Features:

Artwork at this station reflects fishing lure manufacture in this area. Several large metal lures on the station roof turn in the wind.

Station Design:

Single tracked. Platform on south side of the street.


Area Links:

  1. Pink Elephant Carwash
  2. Brown and Haley
  3. Local bars and clubs

Ben's Thoughts

This station originally didn't make a whole lot of sense to me, except as a "breeder" station for new businesses since it didn't seem close to businesses or residential areas. However there are several bus line connections here, as well as several bars and nightclubs along Pacific.

Fishing lure sculptures, South 25th Street Station

Image: area map

Map of South 25th Area (Click to enlarge)

There are also several large empty buildings there ripe for redevelopment. I also didn't realize that it was a block from Brown and Haley. I could see this station receiving a lot of growth as time goes on.


I never really spent a lot of time in this part of town. Across the street is a large building that at one time had been a Darigold factory. The Pink Elephant carwash has been there since the 60's. Of course just up the hill is the world-famous Brown and Haley factory. Hopefully this area will see some growth in the years to come.

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