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Theater District/S. 9th

Station Art Features:

This station is set in Tacoma's Theater District, which includes several historical theaters as well as Antique Row. Artwork at this station reflects the theatrical arts. Seats at the station look like the kind of folding seats one would find in a theater. Lighting at the station uses theatrical lighting instruments. Sandblasted into the ground are past theatrical posters from events in Tacoma.

Station Design:

Single-tracked platform on the East side of the street. Covered. Wheelchair accessible.


Area Links:

  1. Old City Hall
  2. Fireman's Park
  3. Pantages Theater/Broadway Center for the Performing Arts
  4. Tacoma Actor's Guild
  5. Former Drakes (nightclub)
  6. Antique Row
  7. Tacoma City Hall
  8. Pierce Transit bus connections on Commerce
  9. Various other buildings
Picture of seating at the Theater District Station

Seats at Theater District Station

Image: area map

Map of Theater District Area (click to enlarge)

Ben's Thoughts

This station - the current end of the line - allows access to numerous resources in the area. A block up the hill is the Antique Row district, a collection of antique stores in historic buildings. One of the buildings served as a set for the movie I Love You to Death. Across the street is the Pantages Theater. This was an old vaudeville theater that was converted to a movie house in the 1930's. Then, in the early 1980's the theater was restored to its former glory. A few years ago the Tacoma Actors Guild, now closed, also built a theater next door.

Just up the hill is the Tacoma City Hall. About a block away is the Old City Hall, now shops and used to film the movie Three Fugitives. Across Pacific is Fireman's Park, home of the world's largest totem pole. The park also provides an excellent view of the Murray Morgan Bridge and the Port of Tacoma. Just down the street you can make numerous bus connections within the city and the county.

Along with Union Station this station allows access to many artistic events in the city. With bus connections just across the street, one could get to the Link via bus or transfer from a bus to the Link here. Riders could take Link to shop at Antique Row or to attend a play. Also, this station allows access to shops and employers on Pacific Avenue.


This has always been a cool area of Tacoma. And like many other parts of Tacoma, it has been cleaned up in recent years. The Pantages always has been a beautiful theater and with the remodeling, it is even more so. New shops are replacing empty storefronts, in many cases empty storefronts for stores that moved to the mall years ago.

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