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Puget Sound Transportation Projects

Tacoma Narrows Bridge - Former Updates

Bridge is now open to traffic - July 16th, 2007

Cable Problems with the new Narrows Bridge

What happened with the cables? Well from what I have seen, it is the following: when you leave reels of cable outside - in Washington - near salt water - they corrode.

From what has been reported, the cable was stored in plastic wrap, near the bridge with a few reels near the work site on the tide flats. Some of the cable was also wrapped in paper. With Washington's famous wet weather, the cable received enough moisture to cause it to corrode. Now it should be noted: None of the cable currently spun has any problems. It is safe. This just affects the cable that was waiting to be used.

It will be interesting to see where this goes. The cable was a special order item, and it will take awhile to get new cable onsite. The current published plan is to continue with just one of the cables and then go back and do the other. It remains to be seen how much, if any, of a delay this will cause the whole project...

Updates: November 2005

So, tower construction is complete and the spinning of the cables has started! As you can see, the catwalks and cable spinning gear are up and running. With the catwalks fully lit, the bridge is a sight to see at night.

Other construction in the area includes the toll plaza and extensions to SR 16 in both directions. This project shows a lot of progress, from the expansion of bridges at 6th and Pearl, to new ramps to Fircrest and ramp metering and ITS equipment in >Gig Harbor.

To come: lifting of the road deck sections.